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Lexcode is leading Information security consultancy. Our key offerings, listed below, which differentiates us from others.

  1. Lexcode gives Tangible result to our customers, Lexcode focuses on clear deliverables.
  2. Our business focus is information security services & Secured software development services.
  3. We employ highly qualified specialist staff & ensure we keep ahead of industry developments.
  4. Our qualified, vetted consultants have numerous clearances, and many have signed the Official Secrets Act because of the nature of our work.
  5. Clients maintain complete control, a fact demonstrated by our high client retention levels.

Lexcode Technologies Offers services:

  1. Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment.
  2. Source code Auditing

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment:

How would you like to know how vulnerable your network is to hackers, viruses? The weakness & BUGS fix it before exploited by intruder. Lexcodetechnologies offers several levels of vulnerability assessments. A penetration test report is not just about reporting problems. It is about giving solutions. This is why all of our reports are hand drafted by the tester, concentrating not only on the problem found, but providing the quickest, most efficient route to a fix.

Lexcodetechnologies offers, No-find No fee on one-off tests. We perform automated Testing & manually testing.

LexcodeTechnologies source code auditing solution:

Lexcode have developed a simple, cost effective source code review process, designed to highlight the security issues within applications throughout the development cycle. This process saves the time & valuable rewrite costs.

Why is there a need for a source code review?

Whilst some services, such as Penetration Testing, provide an external viewpoint of an Applications security, a source code review offers a far deeper inspection of a web application, and can investigate vulnerabilities that, for example, may only be internally exploited by malicious staff. What languages can be source code-reviewed?

Almost any language can be reviewed, with Sec-Tec specializing in the following:
- C/C++/Shell Script
- Java
- ASP JSP VisualBasic
- ActiveX

We Offer Excellent Services


  • Designing of a new website at affordable cost
  • Designing of logo
  • Redesign or revamping of an existing website
  • Maintenance & management of an existing website
  • Web hosting


  • Development of newer application software to meet your business requirements.
  • Migration, Maintenance & management services for your current software applications.
  • Client server application development.
  • Distributed Application Development.


LEXCODE TECHNOLOGIES is a software development & web application development outsourcing company, with emphasis on high quality, timely delivery and cost-effective offshore software & offshore web development services. We have worked with clients across the globe and are very aware of the challenges associated with offshore software development.

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